5 Tips to teach children good oral hygiene habits

Wouldn’t it be less stress for us if we could get our children to the dentist without any fuss?  Teaching better oral care from a younger age will lessen the need for fillings and extractions and will improve lifelong dental (and physical) health.  Not only that, less fillings and extractions will hopefully mean our children have less fear of going to the dentist.


So here are some tips for achieving better oral hygiene habits in your children:



When your child’s first tooth appears, try brushing it twice a day with a soft bristle brush.


Setting an example is a good start and make brushing teeth fun. Let your child brush their teeth alongside you and let them pick their own fun toothbrushes and toothpaste, of which there are many. See who can make the most bubbles whilst brushing and make sure a routine is set for morning and before bedtime.  


Stress the importance of a good diet, with not too many sugary foods to help to keep their teeth clean.


Once a brushing routine is established, introduce flossing. Maybe a flossing harp would be a good option at an early age which would be easier to use.


Starting early check ups at the dentist, hopefully before any work needs doing, will help to alleviate any fears a child may have on future visits.


Starting with good habits early on in your child’s life should establish lifelong good oral hygiene habits.